Product Range

We update our list on a weekly basis. If there is a particlar product you need please call us or contact us.

Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
Globe Artichokes16's / each
Baby Globe Artichokes44's
Jerusalem Artichokes5kg box / per kg
Green Asparagus250g x 12 / 250g bunch
White Asparagus500g x 10 / 500g bunch
Purple Asparagus250g x 20
Baby Asparagus200g x 8 / 200g tray
Wild Asparagusbunch x 10 / bunch each
Large Aubergines5kg box / per kg
Baby aubergines4kg box
Hass Avocados RTEtray of 18 / each
Hass Avocadostray of 18 / each
Bean Sprouts
Bean Sprouts12's / packet
Bean Sprouts4kg bag
French Beans T/T1.5kg box / per kg
French Beans T/T Pre-pack10 x 150g / per packet
French Beans Yellow5kg box / per kg
Flat/Runner Beans4kg box / per kg
Broad Beans8kg box / per kg
Fresh Beetroot10kg box / per kg
Bunched Beetroot10kg box (10 bunches)
Baby Beetroot (Red, golden or candy)1.2kg
Hierloom Beetroot (Golden or candy)5kg box / per kg
Micro Beetroot (Golden or red)100's
Watermelon Beetroot5kg box / per kg
Cooked Beetroot18 x 250g / packet
Large Broccoli4.5kg box / per kg
Purple Broccoli4kg box / per kg
Tender Stem Broccoli500g x 4 / 500g bunch
Cabbages and Brussel Sprouts
Dutch Cabbage10kg bag / per kg
York Cabbage10's / each
Savoy Cabbage6's / each
Red Cabbage10kg bag / per head
Cavolo Nero10 x 200g / per bunch
Brussel Sprouts5kg net / per kg
Carrots10kg bag / per kg
Class 1 Carrots10kg bag / per kg
Bunched Carrots18 bunch box / per bunch
Rainbow Carrots5kg bag / per kg
Baby Carrots (Regular or rainbow)200g x 5 / per packet
Chantaney Carrots5kg bag
Rainbow Chantenay Carrots5kg bag
Cassava Root18kg bag / per kg
Cauliflower and Romanesco
Cauliflower8's / per head
Purple Cauliflower8's / per head
Romanesco8's / per head
Celeriac head10kg box / each
Celery head16's / each
Fresh Chestnutsper kg
Vaccuum-packed Chestnuts400g
Yellow Chicory5kg box / per kg
Red Chicory3kg box / per kg
Red Tardivo3kg box
Long Red Chillies3kg box / per kg
Long Green Chillies3kg box / per kg
Birdseye Chillies2kg box / per kg
Jalapeno Peppers2kg box / per kg
Habanero Peppers2kg box / per kg
Poblano Chillies4kg box / per kg
Padron Peppers2kg box / per kg
Fresh Corn on the Cob7 x 2 / each
Cooked Vac Packed Corn12 x 2 / packet
Baby Corn12 x 80g / per packet
Large Cucumbers14's / each
Baby Cucumbers3kg box
Micro Cucumbersper kg
Fennel Bulb5kg box / per kg
Baby Fennel200g x 6 / tray
Garlic, Ginger and Galangal
Garlic Bags4kg
Peeled Garlic1kg tub
Purple Garlicper kg
Garlic Strings500g
Smoked Garlicper kg
Wet Garlic5kg box / per kg
Baby Garlicbunch
Garlic Puree1kg tub
Wild Garlic leaf1kg tray
Fresh Ginger12.5kg box / per kg
Fresh Galangal3kg box / per kg
Fresh Horseradish Rootper kg
Kohlrabi15's / each
Large Leeks5kg bale / per kg
Baby Leeks200g x 6 / tray
Mixed Micro Veg
Seasonal Five Veg Mix (Beetroot, turnip, radish, leek, carrots, red onions, parsnips)100's
Single Micro Veg Variety50's
Button Mushrooms2.2kg chip / per kg
Button Mushrooms small2.2kg chip / per kg
Button Mushrooms seconds5Lb chip
Flat Cap Mushrooms1.8kg chip / per kg
Mushroom pre-pack8 x 200g punnets
Mushroom pre-pack Paris Brown8 x 200g punnets
Prepped Mushrooms2kg
Chanterelles1kg tray
Girolles1kg tray
King Oyster Mushrooms1kg tray
Morels1kg tray
Oyster Mushrooms1kg tray
Paris Brown Mushrooms1kg tray
Pied de Mouton1kg tray
Pieds Bleu1kg tray
Portabello Mushrooms1.5kg chip
Shimajie/ Beach Mushrooms1kg tray
Shitake Mushrooms1kg chip
Trumpettes de la Mort1kg tray
Wild Mixed Mushrooms1kg tray
Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
White Onions10kg bag / per kg
Red Onions10kg bag / per kg
Dutch Onions20kg bag / per kg
Spanish Onions20kg bag / per kg
Rosscoff Onions10kg bag / per kg
Banana Shallots5kg bag / per kg
Round Shallots5kg bag / per kg
Pearl Onion5kg bag / per kg
Onion Chilean19kg bag / per kg
Pre-pack Onions20 x 1kg net
Scallions84's / per bunch
Parsnips5kg box / per kg
Parsnip (Parsley) Root5kg box / per kg
Baby Parsnips50's
Micro Parsnips100's
Peas, Mangetout and Sugar Snaps
Sugar Snap Peas1.5kg box / per kg
Mangetout1.5kg box / per kg
Fresh Peas4kg box / per kg
Red Peppers5kg box / per kg
Yellow Peppers5kg box / per kg
Green Peppers5kg box / per kg
Mixed Peppers5kg box / per kg
Orange Peppers5kg box
Sweet Peppers8 x 2 packet / per packet
Pre-pack Peppers (Traffic light)10 x 500g packs
Baby Peppersper kg
Washed Rooster Potatoes10kg bag / per kg
Rooster Pre-pack8 x 2.5kg bags
Maris Piper Potatoes25kg bag / per kilo
Washed Maris Piper Potatoes10kg bag
Baker Potatoes10kg bag / per kg
Large Baker Potatoes10kg bag / per kg
Golden Wonder Potatoes10kg bag / per kg
Queens Potatoes10kg bag
Baby Potatoes10kg box / per kg
Ratte Potatoes5kg box / per kg
Magenta Love Potatoes5kg box / per kg
Truffle Potatoes5kg bag / per kg
Fleur Bleu Potatoesper kg
Miss Blush Potatoesper kg
Special Potato Mix5kg / per kg
Sweet Potatoes6kg box / per kg
Pumpkins, Squash and Courgettes
Pumpkinsper kg
Butternut Squash10kg / per kg
Green Courgettes5kg box / per kg
Yellow Courgettes5kg box / per kg
Baby Courgettes5kg box / per kg
Courgette Flowers15's
Radishes20 x 125g packet / each
White-tipped Radishes20 x 20's / per bunch
Mixed Radishes20's / bunch
Radish Micro Mix100's
Ice Radish10 x 6's / per bunch
Black Radish5kg box / per kg
Moolie20's / each
Watermelon Radish5kg box / per kg
Salsify Root5kg bag / per kilo
Spinach and Kale
French Spinach5kg bag / 1kg bag
Baby Spinach1kg bag
Kale Leaf200g bag
Baby Kale1kg tray
Rainbow Chard3kg box
Alfalfa Sproutsper punnet
Lentil Sproutsper punnet
Crunchy Mix Sproutsper punnet
Plain Tomatoes6kg box / per kg
Plum Tomatoes6kg box / per kg
Vine-Ripened Tomatoes5kg box / per kg
Beef Tomatoes7kg box / per kg
Couer De Beouf Tomatoes3kg box
Heirloom Tomatoes3kg box / per kg
Cherry Tomatoes9 x 250g / per punnet
Yellow Cherry Tomatoes9 x 250g / per punnet
Cherry Vine or Plum Cherry Vine Tomatoes3kg box / per kg
Cherry Tomato Mix8 x 150g punnets
Turnips and Swedes
Navet Turnipsbox of 12's / per bunch of 3
Baby Turnipsper kg
Swedes10kg box / per kg
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