Product Range

Salads, Herbs and Aromatics

We update our list on a weekly basis. If there is a particlar product you need please call us or contact us.

Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
Lemongrass12 x 80g / bunch
Tumeric2kg box / per kg
Galangal3kg box / per kg
Ginger Root12kg box / per kg
Horseradishper kg
Asian Greens
Chinese Leaf8's / each
Paksoi10's / each
Baby Paksoi1kg box
Choisam8kg box / per kg
Mizuna Leaf1kg box
Baby Herbs and Cresses
Micro Cress Leaf (all varieties)30g punnet
Mustard Cress12's / punnet
Pea Shoot Cress16's
Cress Mix (Shakura/Shiso)16's
Mini Mesculin500g bag
Chicory and Nettles
Yellow Chicory5kg box / per kg
Red Chicory3kg box / per kg
Tardivo3kg box / per kg
Nettles1kg bag
Dandelion Leaf1kg
Parsley1kg box / per bunch
Flat Parsley1kg/ 50g
Basil1kg/ 50g
Bay Leaf1kg/ 50g
Chervil1kg/ 50g
Chives1kg/ 50g
Coriander1kg/ 50g
Dill1kg/ 50g
Fennel Herb1kg/ 50g
Marjoram1kg/ 50g
Mint1kg/ 50g
Monk's Beard1kg
Oregano1kg/ 50g
Rosemary1kg/ 50g
Sage1kg/ 50g
Savory1kg/ 50g
Sorrel1kg/ 50g
Tarragon1kg/ 50g
Thai Basil1kg/ 50g
Thyme1kg/ 50g
Edible Flowers1kg/ 50g
Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
Rocket1kg box / 50g packet
Baby Spinach1kg bag
Pre-pack Rocket or Spinach10 x 100g / packet
Mixed Leaf1kg bag
Pre-pack Mixed Leaf10 x 100g / packet
Red and Ruby Chard1kg box
Mizuna Leaf1kg box
Micro Watercress12 x 100g / punnet
French Watercress12 x 250g / bunch
Baby Gem Lettuce20's / packet
Cos Lettuce10's / each
Iceberg Lettuce12's / each
Curly French Lettuce10's / each
Frisby / Batavia Lettuce12's / each
Hot House Lettuce12's / each
Lamb's Ear Lettuce12's / each
Lollo Rosso Lettuce12's / each
Oak Leaf Lettuce12's / each
Radicchio9's / each
Castelfranco Lettuce6's / each
Mixed Lettuce9's
French Mix (Summer only)9's
Prep Lettuce1kg bag
Prep Lettuce Mix6 x 500g / packet
Seaweed and Sea Vegetables
Samphire1kg tray
Sea Beans250g punnet
Sea Lavender1kg tray
Seaweed Nori250g punnet
Seaweed Red Cabbage Dulse250g punnet
Seaweed Royal Kombu250g punnet
Seaweed Wakame250g punnet
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