Product Range

We update our list on a weekly basis. If there is a particlar product you need please call us or contact us.

Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
Beetrootper kg
Beetroot Candy or Goldenper kg
Broccoli and Cauliflower
Broccoli Florettesper kg
Cauliflower Florettesper kg
Brussel Sproutsper kg
Brussel Sprouts Halvedper kg
Dutch Cabbage Shreddedper kg
Green Cabbage Shreddedper kg
Red Cabbage Shreddedper kg
Carrot Peeled and T/Tper kg
Carrot Batonper kg
Carrot Slicedper kg
Carrot Dicedper kg
Carrot Chunkper kg
Carrot Wedgeper kg
Carrot Grated8 x 200g
Celeriacper kg
Celeriac Fondanteach
Celeryper kg
Courgettes Slicedper kg
Prep Appleper kg
Prep Rhubarbper kg
Fruit Salad5kg / per kg
Onions and Leeks
White Onions Peeledper kg
White Onions Slicedper kg
White Onions Dicedper kg
White Onions Chunky Diceper kg
Red Onions Peeledper kg
Red Onions Slicedper kg
Shallots Peeledper kg
Leeks Slicedper kg
Parsnip Peeled and T/Tper kg
Parsnip Batonsper kg
Parsnip Dicedper kg
Parsnip Chunkper kg
Peppers Dicedper kg
Rooster Potatoes Peeled10kg bag
Large Rooster Potatoes Peeled10kg bag
Maris Piper Potatoes Peeled10kg bag
Marquee Chipping Potatoes Peeled10kg bag
Baby Potatoes Peeledper kg
Premium Potato Chips10kg box / per kg
Chunky Chips Skin onper kg
Hand-Cut Chunky Chipsper kg
Marquee Hand-Cut Chunky Chips (Vernon Special Cut)per kg
Shoestring Fries10kg box / per kg
Shoestring Fries Skin onper kg
Diced Potato10kg box / per kg
Hand-Diced Potatoper kg
Potato Sliced10kg box / per kg
Potato Wedgesper kg
Maris Piper Potato Wedgesper kg
Potato Fondanteach
Potatoes Turned..
Potato Parisienneper kg
Potato Pont Neufper kg
Potato Gratedper kg
Sweet Potatoes Peeledper kg
Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
Squash and Pumpkin
Pumpkin Peeled and All Cutsper kg
Butternut Squash Peeled and Choppedper kg
Swede and Turnip
Swede Peeled and T/Tper kg
Swede Batonsper kg
Swede Slicedper kg
Swede Dicedper kg
Swede Chunkper kg
Turnip Wedgeper kg
Vegetable Mixes
Carrot and Parsnipper kg
Carrot and Parsnip Chunky Cutper kg
Carrot and Turnipper kg
Carrot, Parsnip and Turnipper kg
Carrot, Parsnip and Turnip Chunky Cutper kg
Swede and Parsnipper kg
Chunky 5 Mixper kg
Leeks, Celery and Carrotper kg
Coleslawper kg
Stir-Fry Vegetablesper kg
Parisienneper kg
Ratatuoilleper kg
Soup Mixper kg
Stew Mixper kg
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