Product Range

Healthy, Organic Dried Goods

We update our list on a weekly basis. If there is a particlar product you need please call us or contact us.

Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
Coconut Products
Coconut Water1L
Coconut Drinking Milk1L
Coconut Oil Virgin1.5L
Coconut Butter 100%750ml
Coconut Palm Sugar500g
Coconut Flour500g
Dried Beans and Legumes
Aduki Beans1kg / 5kg
Black-eyed Beans1kg / 5kg
Borlotti Beans1kg / 5kg
Butter Beans Large1kg / 5kg
Cannelini Beans1kg / 25kg
Chickpeas Cleaned3kg / 25kg
Flageolet Beans Green1kg / 5kg
Haricot Beans White Round1kg / 5kg
Kidney Beans Black1kg / 5kg
Kidney Beans Red Polished1kg / 5kg
Lentils Beluga1kg / 5kg
Lentils Brown1kg / 5kg
Lentils DuPuy1kg / 25kg
Lentils Green1kg / 5kg
Lentils Red1kg / 5kg
Marrowfat Peas1kg / 5kg
Mung Beans1kg / 5kg
Pinto Beans Cleaned1kg / 5kg
Split Peas Green1kg / 5kg
Split Peas Yellow1kg / 5kg
Soya Beans1kg / 5kg
Turtle Beans Black1kg / 5kg
Healthy Flours
Chestnut Flour500g
Coconut Flour500g
Buckwheat Flour1kg / 5kg
Gram Flour1kg / 25kg
Organic Bakers Flour Doves25kg
Organic Barley Flour Doves5kg
Organic Plain Flour Doves25kg
Potato Flour1kg / 25kg
Rice Flour1kg / 25kg
Rice Flour Brown1kg / 25kg
Spelt Flour White1kg
Wholemeal Flour25kg
Nuts and Nut Butters
Almond Butter1kg
Cashew Butter1kg
Peanut Butter Smooth or Chunky1kg
Almonds Flaked1kg / 11.34kg
Almonds Ground1kg / 10kg
Almonds Whole Blanched1kg / 12.5kg
Almonds Whole Unblanched1kg / 10kg
Brazil Nuts Whole1kg / 4kg
Cashew Nut Pieces1kg / 21.8kg
Cashew Nuts Whole1kg / 21.8kg
Chilli Nuts1kg / 10kg
Hazelnuts Whole1kg / 25kg
Hazelnut Whole Blanched1kg / 25kg
Macadamia Nuts1kg / 10kg
Mixed Nuts Select1kg / 5kg
Peanuts Blanched1kg
Pecan Halves Mammoth1kg /13.6kg
Pine Kernals1kg / 5kg
Pistachios1kg / 5kg
Walnuts Whole1kg / 12.5kg
Walnut Pieces1kg / 10kg
Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
Organic Rice and Pasta
Organic Brown Basmati Rice1kg
Organic Red Camargue Rice1kg
Organic White Jasmine Rice1kg
Organic Fregola Pasta1kg
Amaranth Seed1kg
Basil Seed100g
Chia Seeds1kg
Five seed mix1kg / 5kg
Hemp Seeds Organic1kg
Linseed (Flax) Brown1kg / 5kg
Poppy Seed Blue1kg / 25kg
Pumpkin Seeds AA Grade1kg / 25kg
Sesame Seeds Black Organic1kg
Sesame Seeds White1kg / 25kg
Sunflower Kernals1kg / 25kg
Supplement Powders
Spirulina Powder500g
Chorella Powder500g
Banana Powder150g
Barleygrass Powder125g
Bee Pollen125g
Tinned Beans and Legumes
Butter Beans800g tin
Cannelini Beans3kg tin
Chickpeas400g tin
Chickpeas Caterpack2.6kg tin
Kidney Beans400g tin
Mixed Beans400g tin
Whole Grains
Buckwheat Roasted1kg / 25kg
Bulgur Wheat Coarse1kg / 25kg
Cous Cous Wholemeal1kg / 25kg
Freekeh1kg / 25kg
Millet Hulled Whole USA1kg / 4.5kg
Pearl Barley Grain1kg / 5kg
Quinoa Black Organic1kg / 25kg
Quinoa Red Organic1kg / 25kg
Quinoa White Organic1kg / 25kg
Teff Grain1kg
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