Product Range

We update our list on a weekly basis. If there is a particlar product you need please call us or contact us.

Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
Cooker Apples13.5kg box / per kg
Braeburn Apples100's / each
Royal Gala Apples100's / each
Pink Lady Apples72's / each
Pink Lady Cox Apples150's / each
Golden Delicious Apples100's / each
Granny Smith Apples100's / each
Pre-pack Apples10 x 6 pack
Juicing Apples - small18kg box / each
Banana Products
Bananas13kg box / per kg
Banana Leaves2kg pack
Strawberries500g punnet / 250g punnet
Blackberries12 x 125g / per punnet
Blueberries12 x 125g / per punnet
Raspberries12 x 125g / per punnet
Gooseberries5kg tray / per kg
Red Currants12 x 125g / per punnet
Cranberries340g bag
Physalis12 x 100g / punnet
Citrus Fruit
Oranges40's / each
Juicing Oranges100's / each
Blood Oranges44's / each
Lemons88's / each
Limes54's / each
Satsumas90's / each
Grapefruit56's / each
Ruby Grapefruit56's / each
Kumquats2kg box / per kg
Exotic Fruit
Large Pineapple9's / each
Mangoes9's / each
Mangoes RTE8's / each
Paw Paw9's / each
Kiwi Fruit100's / each
Passionfruit2kg box / each
Starfruit20's / each
Tamarillos20's / each
Fresh Figs24's / each
Red Grapes4.5kg box / per kg
Green Grapes4.5kg box / per kg
Mixed Grapes4.5kg box / per kg
Pre-pack Grapes Mixed500g packet
Pre-pack Grapes Red or Green500g packet
Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
Juices (All fresh juices pre-order)
Fresh Apple or Orange Juice2L
Fresh Apple or Orange Juice250ml
Orange Juice (Freshly squeezed)5L
Orange Juice Squeeze UHT1L
Fresh Lemon Juice1L
Fresh Lime Juice1L
Lemon Zest (pre-order)500g
Beetroot Juice Organic1L
Carrot Juice Organic750ml
Cherry Juice1L
Pear Juice Organic1L
Tomato Juice Organic1L
Tomato Juice Big Tom750ml
Watermelon5's / each
Honeydew Melon10's / each
Cantaloupe6's / each
Ogen / Galia Melon6's / each
Charantais Melon10's / each
Piel Di Sapo Melon5's / each
Pears78's / each
Pears RTE16's / each
Pomegranates12's / each
Pomegranate seed (pre-order)6 x 125g punnets
Quinces4kg box / per kg
Irish Rhubarb6kg box / per kg
Dutch Rhubarb6kg box / per kg
Stone Fruit
Plums5kg box / per kg
Peaches38's / each
White Peaches26's / each
Nectarines36's / each
Apricots5kg box / per kg
Cherries2kg box
Medjool Dates5kg box
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