Product Range

We update our list on a weekly basis. If there is a particlar product you need please call us or contact us.

Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
Baking and Dessert Needs
Banana Powder150g
Barleygrass Powder125g
Bee Pollen125g
Bi Carbonate of Soda1kg
Chestnut Puree200g tin
Chorella Powder500g
Condensed Milk24 x 340g tin / each
Custard Powder3kg box
Digestive Biscuits20 x 400g
Rose Water250ml
Spirulina Powder500g
Vanilla Extract500ml
Xanthan Gum100g
Regular Breadcrumbs2.5kg
Panko Breadcrumbs1kg / 12.5kg
Pinhead Breadcrumbs2.5kg
Breakfast Products
Jumbo Oats1kg / 25kg
Pinhead Oats1kg / 25kg
Organic Oats5kg / 25kg
Bran Flakes1kg / 25kg
Corn Flakes12 x 750g
Baked Beans3kg
All Jam3kg
Jam Portions126 x 20g
Marmite12 x 350g
Dove Cookie Selection..
Coconut Products
Desiccated Coconut1kg / 25kg
Flaked Coconut1kg / 5kg
Coconut Flour500g
Coconut Palm Sugar500g
Coconut Butter 100%750ml
Coconut Oil Virgin1.5L
Coconut Milk12 x 400ml / each
Coconut Milk Cater-pack6 x 2.9kg / each
Drinking Coconut Milk1L
Coconut Water1L
Cooking Wines and Alcohol
Cooking Wine Red/White3L
Cooking Brandy3L
Cooking Cider3L
Cooking Madeira2L
Cooking Marsala3L
Cooking Port3L
Cooking Whiskey700ml
Couverture Chocolate, Cocoa and Drinking Chocolate
Dark Chocolate 72% Buttons1kg / 10kg
Dark Chocolate 54% Buttons1kg / 10kg
Milk Chocolate 20% Buttons1kg / 10kg
White Chocolate Buttons1kg / 10kg
Cocoa Powder1kg / 10kg
Drinking Chocolate500g / 10kg
Cocoa Butter1kg / 20kg
Cocoa Nibs300g
Dried and Tinned Fruit
Apple Rings Dried1kg / 10kg
Apricots Dried Diced1kg / 12.5kg
Apricots Dried Whole1kg / 12.5kg
Banana Chips1kg / 6.8kg
Cranberries Dried Sliced1kg / 11.34kg
Cranberries Dried Whole1kg / 11.34kg
Currants1kg / 12.5kg
Dates Chopped1kg / 10kg
Dates Pitted Freeflow1kg / 10kg
Ginger Cuts Crystalised1kg / 5kg
Goji (Wolf) Berries1kg
Figs Dried1kg / 10kg
Prune Pitted Whole1kg / 10kg
Raisins1kg / 12.5kg
Raisins Golden1kg / 10kg
Sultanas Izmir1kg / 12.5kg
White Mulberries Dried1kg
Tinned Apples2.5kg
Tinned Apricots2.5kg
Tinned Fruit Cocktail2.5kg
Tinned Grapefruit2.5kg
Tinned Lychees400g
Tinned Mandarines2.5kg
Tinned Peaches2.5kg
Tinned Pears2.5kg
Tinned Pineapple2.5kg
Dried Beans and Legumes
Aduki Beans1kg / 5kg
Black-eyed Beans1kg / 5kg
Borlotti Beans1kg / 5kg
Butter Beans Large1kg / 5kg
Cannelini Beans1kg / 25kg
Chickpeas Cleaned3kg / 25kg
Flageolet Beans Green1kg / 5kg
Haricot Beans White Round1kg / 5kg
Kidney Beans Black1kg / 5kg
Kidney Beans Red Polished1kg / 5kg
Lentils Beluga1kg / 5kg
Lentils Brown1kg / 5kg
Lentils DuPuy1kg / 25kg
Lentils Green1kg / 5kg
Lentils Red1kg / 5kg
Marrowfat Peas1kg / 5kg
Mung Beans1kg / 5kg
Pinto Beans Cleaned1kg / 5kg
Split Peas Green1kg / 5kg
Split Peas Yellow1kg / 5kg
Soya Beans1kg / 5kg
Turtle Beans Black1kg / 5kg
Flours and Raising Agents
Bakers Flour / Strong25kg
Doves Bakers Flour Organic25kg
Baking Powder5kg
Doves Barley Flour Organic5kg
Bread soda3kg
Buckwheat Flour1kg / 5kg
Chestnut Flour500g
Corn Flour3kg
Gram Flour1kg / 25kg
Plain Flour25kg
Doves Plain Flour Organic25kg
Polenta Coarse1kg / 5kg
Polenta Fine (Maize Meal)1kg / 5kg
Potato Flour1kg / 25kg
Rice Flour1kg / 25kg
Rice Flour Brown1kg / 25kg
Self-Raising Flour25kg
Semolina1kg / 5kg
Spelt Flour White1kg
Wholemeal Flour25kg
Dried Yeast1kg
Grains & Grain Products
Buckwheat Roasted1kg / 25kg
Bulgur Wheat Coarse1kg / 25kg
Cous Cous1kg / 25kg
Cous Cous Giant1kg / 5kg
Cous Cous Wholemeal1kg / 25kg
Freekeh1kg / 25kg
Fregola Organic1kg
Millet Hulled Whole USA1kg / 4.5kg
Pearl Barley Grain1kg / 5kg
Popcorn USA 1st grade1kg / 5kg
Quinoa White Organic1kg / 25kg
Quinoa Red Organic1kg / 25kg
Quinoa Black Organic1kg / 25kg
Teff Grain1kg
Product and DescriptionWeights / Size / Counts
Nuts and Nut Butters
Almonds Flaked1kg / 11.34kg
Almonds Ground1kg / 10kg
Almonds Whole Blanched1kg / 12.5kg
Almonds Whole Unblanched1kg / 10kg
Brazil Nuts Whole1kg / 4kg
Cashew Nut Pieces1kg / 21.8kg
Cashew Nuts Whole1kg / 21.8kg
Chilli Nuts1kg / 10kg
Hazelnuts Whole1kg / 25kg
Hazelnut Whole Blanched1kg / 25kg
Macadamia nuts1kg / 10kg
Mixed Nuts Select1kg / 5kg
Peanuts Blanched1kg
Pecans Halves Mammoth1kg / 13.6kg
Pine Kernels1kg / 5kg
Pistachios1kg / 5kg
Walnut Pieces1kg / 10kg
Walnuts Whole1kg / 12.5kg
Almond Butter1kg
Cashew Butter1kg
Peanut Butter Smooth or Chunky1kg
Kalamata Olives4 x 2kg / per pack
Olives Black Pitted4.1kg
Olives Green Pitted4.1kg
Olives Mixed1.5kg
Olives Green Premium Gigantic3kg jar
Di Vella Fusilli30 x 500g / per pack
Di Vella Lasagna12 x 500g / per pack
Di Vella Linguini36 x 500g / per pack
Di Vella Penne24 x 500g / per pack
Di Vella Spaghetti36 x 500g / per pack
Di Vella Tagliatelle/Fettucine12 x 500g / per pack
De Cecco Gluten Free Pasta12 x 500g
De Cecco Farfalle24 x 500g / per pack
De Cecco Vermicelli36 x 500g / per pack
De Cecco Macaroni Pasta24 x 500g
De Cecco Orecchiete24 x 500g
De Cecco Pappardelle24 x 500g / per pack
De Cecco Pennoni Pasta24 x 500g
De Cecco Wholemeal Penne Pasta12 x 500g
De Cecco Orzo Pasta24 x 500g
Arborio Rice White1kg / 5kg
Basmati Rice Brown1kg / 5kg
Basmati Rice Brown Organic1kg
Basmati Rice White1kg / 5kg
Camargue Red Rice1kg
Easi-Cook Premium Rice1kg / 5kg
Jasmine Rice White1kg
Jasmine Rice White Organic1kg
Long Grain Rice Brown1kg / 25kg
Pearl Rice4 x 3kg / per pack
Wild Rice USA1kg
Amaranth Seed1kg
Basil Seed100g
Chia Seed1kg
Five Seed Mix1kg / 5kg
Hemp Seeds Organic1kg
Linseed (Flax) Brown1kg / 5kg
Poppy Seed Blue1kg / 25kg
Pumpkin Seeds AA Grade1kg / 25kg
Sesame Seeds Black Organic1kg
Sesame Seeds White1kg / 25kg
Sunflower Seeds1kg / 25kg
Soft Drinks and Cordials
Coca Cola24 x 330ml
7up24 x 330ml
Whole Earth Mixed Flavours24 x 330ml
Elderflower Cordial50ml
Sugars, Honey and Syrups
Brown Sugar3kg / 25kg
Caster Sugar3kg / 25kg
Icing Sugar3kg / 25kg
Sugar Sticks BrownBox of 1000
Sugar Sticks WhiteBox of 1000
White Sugar Granulated3kg / 25kg
Agave Syrup1L
Golden Syrup7.28L
Maple Syrup1L
Honey Blended1L / 25L
Tinned Beans and Legumes
Butter Beans6 x 800g / per tin
Cannelini Beans Caterpack6 x 3kg / per tin
Chickpeas24 x 400g / per tin
Chickpeas Caterpack6 x 2.6kg / per tin
Kidney Beans12 x 400g / per tin
Mixed Beans12 x 400g / per tin
Tinned Fish
Tinned Tuna12 x 1kg pack / each
Tortillas and Nachos
Nachos5kg box
Tortilla Wraps 8 inch8 x 14
Tortilla Wraps 12 inch10 x 10
Vegetables Preserved
Tomatoes Chopped2.5kg tin
Tomatoes Peeled2.5kg tin
Tomato Puree800g tin
Artichoke Hearts2.5kg tin / 3kg jar
Baby Capers1.5kg
Grilled Aubergines3kg jar
Grilled Courgettes3kg jar
Grilled Red Peppers3kg jar
Red Peppers Roasted3kg tin
Semi Sun-dried Tomatoes1kg
Sun-dried Tomatoes3kg
Kuhne Gherkins4 x 2.65kg / each
Kuhne Sauerkraut6 x 796g / each
Blue Dragon Bamboo Shoots12 x 225g / each
Jalapenos Sliced6 x 2.27kg tin / each
Sweetcorn6 x 2.13kg tin / each
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